best 7z to zip converter for mac

Best 7Z to ZIP converter for Mac

7Z is a compressed archive file format used primarily by 7-Zip, a free archiver program for Windows. While 7Z is a relatively well-known format, it is nowhere near as popular as ZIP. Pretty much every program that works with archives can work with ZIP; on the other hand, support for 7Z is spotty at best. As such, you may want to convert your existing 7Z archives into ZIP file format; this will help you avoid compatibility issues. Also, working with 7Z archives on Mac is not exactly convenient; though extracting them is an easy process, it’s fairly difficult to create 7Z archives on Mac. So, when creating archives on Mac, you will likely use ZIP. So you may want to convert all other archives to ZIP to make sure all of your archives have the same format. There are several ways to convert 7Z to ZIP on Mac, but the easiest one is to use a converter program. We took it upon ourselves to determine the best 7Z to ZIP converter for Mac; read the article below for a list of programs fit for this purpose.

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