how to play 9 years of shadows on mac

How to play 9 Years of Shadows on Mac

9 Years of Shadows is a metroidvania game developed by Halberd Studios and published by Freedom Games. You seek to enter Talos, a corrupt mechanical fortress that threatens the entirety of the world. Rumor has it, the corruption within it can be cleansed, though not a single person succeeded in the task so far. Indeed, none came back alive; but with nothing to lose, you intend to try anyway. Still, this is not a suicide mission; you have plenty of tricks up your sleeve. Your trusty halberd is a servicable enough weapon on its own, but it can also perform a variety of complex combo attacks to utterly destroy your opponents. By exploring Talos, you can also find magical projectile weapons and a variety of special armors. You will also not be completely alone; though Talos is now corrupt, it once housed a thriving population. Some of its residents still survive to this day, and may help you on your journey. 9 Years of Shadows is officially available only on Nintendo Switch and Windows PC platforms. However, you may also be able to play 9 Years of Shadows on Mac. Read the guide below to learn how this is possible.

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