how to play afk arena on pc or mac

How to play AFK Arena on PC or Mac

AFK Arena is an idle RPG developed by LilithGames. The fantasy world of Esperia is attacked by its ancient enemy, the Hypogeans – and it is up to you to defend it. The Hypogeans were created more than a millenia ago by Annih, the God of Death. Though he failed to destroy the world back then, his minions remained on Esperia, laying low and biding their time. Finally, they have accumulated enough strength to resurface and go on a campaign of conquest and destruction once more. These vile, evil creatures cannot be persuaded or swayed; to end the threat they pose to Esperia, the Hypogeans must be destroyed once and for all. As the name suggests, the main selling of AFK Arena is that it doesn’t require much attention to play. However, it does feature several, more involved, game modes for those who are seeking mental engagement. One such mode is Shadow Invasions, a roguelike mode where one hero is placed directly under your control. And in the PVP Arena, you will have to come up with strategies to counter your fellow players. AFK Arena is a mobile game, available exclusively on iOS and Android. However, several programs can be used to play AFK Arena on PC as well as on Mac. Learn all about them in the guide below.

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