how to play aim lab on mac, how to run aim lab on mac

How to play Aim Lab on Mac

Aim Lab, developed and published by Statespace, is not precisely a game (though some will consider it one). It is, first and foremost, a training tool designed to improve one’s skill at first person shooters. Although it can be played for fun, and includes competitive elements such as the leaderboard, that is not the primary attraction.
Aim Lab includes a wide range of shooting exercises that are designed to train different FPS skills, such as the ability to quickly hit many different targets, the ability to track a moving target, and many others. But this is more than just a collection of exercises. Aim Lab analyzes your performance to identify your current abilities and determine your weakest skills. This information can be viewed on your dashboard, but Aim Lab will use it as well, giving you tailored exercises.
Aim Lab is available on Windows, iOS, and Android. Of course, the mobile version is useless for Mac users, as aiming with a touchscreen is very different from aiming with a keyboard and a mouse (or a controller, perhaps). So if you want to play Aim Lab on Mac, you will have to run the Windows version. This can be accomplished in several ways; read the guide below to learn more.

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