how to play assetto corsa on mac

How to play Assetto Corsa on Mac

Assetto Corsa is a racing game developed and published by Kunos Simulazioni. When translated from Italian, this means “Kunos Simulations” – which should give you a hint about the game’s overall direction. Indeed, Assetto Corsa is very much a simulation game at heart, possessing an incredibly sophisticated physics engine that accounts for things most game developers wouldn’t even think about. For example, heat cycles, flat spots on tires, and moving aerodynamic parts are all simulated.
The game makes quite an effort to look well, too – a lot of work has been put into making various surfaces look realistic.
Racing tracks present in the game are held to the same high, realistic standard – they are all meticulously-crafted recreations based on their real-world counterparts. You may have heard stories about game developers travelling to locations they want to put in their game to ensure accuracy – but the developers of Assetto Corsa went a step further. Using a laser-based technology, they have scanned real-world tracks. The in-game tracks are based off of these scans, allowing for an unprecedented level of accuracy.
Overall a great racing simulation game, Assetto Corsa is not without its flaws, either. It is only available on Windows, Xbox One, and PS4 – with no Mac version. Still, it is possible to sidestep this issue and play Assetto Corsa on Mac anyway – read the guide below for instructions.

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