how to play back to the dawn on mac

How to play Back to the Dawn on Mac

Back to the Dawn is a roleplaying game developed by Metal Head Games. You play as a journalist who was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. Naturally, your most important goal is to escape, but in the meantime, you’ll have to adapt to the harsh environment of a federal prison. How? That’s up to you; Back to the Dawn gives you many options. You can be a law-abiding inmate or a violent thug, join a gang or be a lone wolf, make friends with your fellow prisoners or antagonize them. You can work out in the gym, or hit the library to improve your mental skills. With some guile, you can also learn things such as hacking and lockpicking. These may come in handy during your eventual escape, though this is not your only option. Maybe you’ll choose to simply work with an attorney on the outside to get yourself exonerated. The game is available only on Microsoft Windows, but it is also possible to play Back to the Dawn on Mac. Read the article below to learn about your options.

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