best tower defense games on mac

Best Tower Defense Games for Mac

In tower defense games, the player is tasked with defending a structure, like a castle or a house, from enemies. To accomplish this task, the player needs to choose from a variety of purchasable units (generally referred to as “towers”) and put them in the path of the enemies to stave off their onslaught. The towers have different properties – they have different costs, attack ranges, attack power, they might attack just one enemy or all enemies near them, and so on. Some towers might not even attack enemies at all, instead, they provide some sort of advantage like slowing down the enemies near the tower, improving other towers’ power, or generating currency… you get the idea. Selecting which tower to place, and where and when to place it, is what you will be doing in these games 99% of the time. A simple idea made complex and strategic by the sheer amount of properties and effects that the towers – and the enemies – possess. We have selected several great games of this genre that are available to play on Mac, so that you, the reader, can see for yourself what this is all about, or perhaps find a new game to try out if you’re already an experienced tower defense player. Without further ado, let’s begin.

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