download the best youtube ad blocker for mac

Best YouTube ad blocker for Mac

YouTube, as a website, is known to pretty much everyone on this planet. It is the platform to watch videos on – it is hard to compete with its millions of tutorials, educational videos, music clips, cartoons, and other video files. For a while, no-one had an issue with this. The creators loved working with YouTube, and the users loved accessing all video content from one place. But that did not last. Since YouTube has a de-facto monopoly on video content, its developers have eventually grown lazy and detached from reality, introducing many changes that have harmed the website. While the creators often complain about demonetization strikes and easily-abused “copyright claim” system, the users, too, have problems with the platform. One such problem is the excessive amount of ads. Though arguably necessary to pay for the website, many users feel that these ads are too distracting and time-consuming, and resort to solutions such as ad blockers. This article attempts to find the best YouTube ad blocker for Mac – keep reading to find out which one gets awarded the title.

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