how to play bigfoot on mac

How to play Bigfoot on Mac

Bigfoot is a horror FPS game developed and published by CyberLight Game Studio. Though no one has conclusive evidence that this elusive monster even exists, our protagonist is determined to hunt him down. Your journey will begin in a US national park of your choice; there, you will have to brave the elements, fight off predators, and, ultimately, search for Bigfoot. But beware – he is more than capable of finding you first. To give yourself a fighting chance against this monstrous brute, you will have to utilize modern technology. Security cameras are beyond the primate’s comprehension; place enough of them and they will allow you to track his movements safely. Flare guns confuse and distract his simplistic brain, while long-range weaponry can negate his massive strength advantage. Despite this, the fight will not be easy; Bigfoot may not be intelligent, but he is fast, he is strong, and he can sense where you are. Since this is an Early Access game, it should not be surprising that it’s currently restricted to Windows users. But what if you wanted to play Bigfoot on Mac? There are several unofficial services that make it possible; learn about them in the article below.

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