how to play bioshock 2 on mac

How to play BioShock 2 on Mac

Developed and published by 2K Marin, BioShock 2 is both a single- and multiplayer videogame played from the first-person perspective. This second chapter is set almost 10 years after the iconic events of BioShock, continuing action in the underwater dystopian city known as Rapture. With a Little Sister Eleanor perched on the shoulder, you, as an armored protagonist Subject Delta will have to accept the challenge of going through the psychotic population that dwells within the depths of underneath dangers. Use an array of weapons and superficial skills to interact with the environment and aid your path of defeating genetically modified enemies. As said, part of BioShock 2 is also dedicated to the multiplayer environment where the players are guided through the story driven experience during Rapture’s civil war that takes place before the events of the first game. There players will play for one of the Rapture’s residents in seven different modes comprised of deathmatch and capture the flag. Become part of the frantic, yet largely curious world with BioShock 2 – and even on macOS. Although it is not officially playable there, you can still access the same high-level experience gaming with our guidelines below – just scroll down a bit.

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