how to play brotato on mac

How to play Brotato on Mac

Brotato is a top-down shooting game developed by Blobfish. Our protagonist, a potato from The Potato World, has crashed on an alien planet. Now he must fend off endless hordes of aliens until the help arrives, utilizing his supernatural ability to use six weapons at once to accomplish this goal.
Each gameplay session of Brotato lasts approximately half an hour; this is how long the protagonist must survive to be rescued. There is no endless mode at the moment, although the developers plan to implement it in a future version of the game. Although each run has the same simple objective – to survive – the game offers a lot of replayability as the runs have the potential to be very different from one another. At the beginning of the run, the players choose between many different characters with unique abilities; many different weapons, both archaic and technological, can be used. You can also change how much health the enemies have, how strong they are, and how quickly they move.
Currently, Brotato requires a Windows PC to run, but there’s a way around this requirement. Using our guide, you will be able to play Brotato on Mac as well.

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