play call to arms on mac

How to play Call to Arms on Mac

Developed and published by Digitalmindsoft, Call to Arms is a real-time strategy game, offering its players a number of tactical tools to outplay enemies. Having first- and third-person perspectives combined, the game puts you into the time of modern warfare, where you, as a soldier, will have to lead your troops straight to the battle-worn victory. Alternatively, you can separate from others and become a sole survivor on one of the most dangerous battlefields surrounded by packs of ferocious opponents. Use various kinds of weaponry, be it a set of guns, tanks, or helicopters, to take fighting supremacy over your targets. Immerse yourself into the skin of a real soldier and go through intense clashes alone or together with friends. Call to Arms is a brilliant game for those of you willing to calculate top-down strategies as well as experience intensive fights in real-time battles – all linked together. Unfortunately, the only disappointment might be that Call to Arms was developed exclusively for Windows OS, leaving both console and Mac users behind. Despite this, there are modern technologies allowing each gamer to ignore this hump and play through the game on top-graphic settings, even on macOS. Read our guide below to learn how that is possible.

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