how to play captain of industry on mac

How to play Captain of Industry on Mac

Captain of Industry is a resource management game developed and published by MaFi Games. The primary goal of the game is to transform a desolate island into a thriving settlement capable of space exploration. But make no mistake, Captain of Industry is not really a city-builder game; its primary focus is on logistics and supply chain management. Your citizens need food, water, and shelter, your trucks need spare parts and fuel, your factories need a wide array of complex materials, and all of these things need to be manufactured and delivered where it needs to be. At the beginning of the game, cargo trucks will handle all of your logistical needs, but don’t rely on them too much. Although they’re very flexible, trucks can’t carry all that much; you will need conveyor belt networks to transfer goods in bulk. Unfortunately, Captain of Industry is a Windows-exclusive game, and you shouldn’t expect a Mac port anytime soon. Since the game is still in Early Access, the developers have other priorities. But you can play Captain of Industry on Mac even without official support. Read our guide to learn how.

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