how to play choo-choo charles on mac

How to play Choo-Choo Charles on Mac

Choo-Choo Charles is an unconventional horror game made by an indie developer Two Star Games. You are stranded on an island inhabited by a monstrous spider train named Charles. As it is much faster than any person, foot travel is incredibly dangerous. But you have a train of your own; although it’s just an old steam engine, it will help you traverse the terrain without falling prey to the evil train.
You must be wary, however. A train is both an advantage and a weakness. You can go faster this way, sure, but you can only go where tracks are. Want to make a sudden turn? You can’t. Charles, being a hybrid spider-train abomination, does not share this weakness, so it is essential to carefully plan your route in advance.
As you aid other people living on this inhospitable island, they’ll reward you with weapons, but also with scrap. This is an upgrade material that can be used to improve your train’s speed, damage, and armor. Eventually, you will become powerful enough to bring the fight back to Charles, killing him and ending his reign once and for all.
The game is available only on Windows, but there are several unofficial tools that will allow you to play Choo-Choo Charles on Mac. Read about them in the guide below.

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