how to play construction simulator on mac

How to play Construction Simulator on Mac

Construction Simulator is exactly the kind of game you’d think it is – it’s a simulation game about constructing buildings. It was developed by a German company Weltenbauer and published by Astragon Entertainment. Weltenbauer isn’t too experienced with making games, but they’ve developed many industrial simulation programs in the past; you can be sure that Construction Simulator is a faithful reproduction of the real process. But they didn’t neglect progression and story aspects either – this is not just a construction-themed sandbox. Indeed, Construction Simulator features a campaign that allows you to become the owner of a startup building company in either the US or Germany. Get your foot in the door by completing some simple tasks; they will allow you to earn funds and experience necessary to be entrusted with more complex projects. Construction Simulator is available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and, of course, on Windows PC. But the developers didn’t bother releasing a macOS version. Though we can’t blame them – Mac owners represent a very small fraction of the gaming market – it is unfortunate nonetheless. But if you want to play Construction Simulator on Mac nonetheless, there are third-party tools that will allow you to do that. Learn about them by reading our article.

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