how to play contraband police on mac

How to play Contraband Police on Mac

Contraband Police is a simulation game by Crazy Rocks. In this title, you will take on a role of a border guard. You will verify the documents of people who want to pass through, check the cars for contraband, and even shoot at some gangsters. This is not exactly a realistic game – guarding a border in real life is nowhere as exciting – but there are some realistic procedures you must follow. Documents of every person must be checked for forgery and other inconsistencies, in a process heavily inspired by Papers, Please. Sometimes, you will be ordered to refuse entry to certain groups of people even if their documents check out, so be aware of that. Checking the vehicles for contraband is a lot less bureaucratic: you scan the car with a UV flashlight in search of anything suspicious. If it looks like there might be something hidden – in a tire, or in a seat, for example – you destroy them to reveal the insides. Perfect if you’ve ever wanted to thoroughly trash a car. This game is available on Windows and… that’s it actually. Windows only. Despite this, there are several unofficial methods to play Contraband Police on Mac as well. Read the article below to learn about them.

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