best bz to zip converter for mac

Best BZ to ZIP converter for Mac

Files with BZ extension are archive file compressed using BZIP algorithm. They’re fairly common on UNIX-based systems, most notably Linux. BZ has a serious limitation: it can only be used to compress a single file. To compress multiple files, it must be used in a conjunction with another algorithm, such as TAR. BZ achieves better compression rates than ZIP, however, compressing and extracting BZ archives takes a very long time. As such, it remains largely unpopular even among Linux users. Since not many people use BZ file format, most programs will not recognize BZ archives either. Thus, if you have any files compressed with this algorithm, you should consider converting them into a different file format. ZIP, being the most popular archive format out there, should be the optimal choice. There are multiple ways to convert BZ to ZIP on Mac, but the simplest option is to use a converter program. Of course, these programs are not created equal; some are better than the others. So what is the best BZ to ZIP converter for Mac? Find out by reading this article.

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