how to play crab champions on mac

How to play Crab Champions on Mac

Crab Champions is a rather unusual shooter in which you play – you know it – as a crab. Fairly regular crab, too; you do not spit venom or shoot chitin. Defying all laws of sense and logic, your mode of attack is a gun held in your claw. So as you may have guessed, if you’re looking for a realistic simulator of crab life, this game is not for you. No, this is a looter shooter with a crustacean aesthetic. The environments are made to match; the game’s maps are mainly islands, beaches, and shores. Your objective in each run is to survive a select number of enemy waves. Although this goal never changes, you will not get bored of it instantly; the weapons you are able to obtain, as well the enemies you have to face are randomly selected at the beginning of each game. You are also able to play in co-op mode with up to three of your friends, and in endless mode, which disables the victory condition and challenges you to survive as long as you can. Currently, the game is available only on PC, though this may change in the future as it is still in Early Access. In the meantime, though, you will have to use a third-party service if you want to play Crab Champions on Mac. Read our guide to learn more.

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