How to play Craftopia on a Mac

Craftopia is an Action RPG with sandbox elements from the company POCKET PAIR, made in a nice anime style. Craftopia offers both single and multiplayer modes, rich crafting options, lots of monsters and animals, some even collectible, as well as bosses, dungeons, flying and much more. Of course, in order to achieve great heights and opportunities, like crafting automation, you will have to tighten up and come to grips with the grind. However, the results are worth it: hundreds of cows go along the conveyor to the boiler, chanterelles produce electricity in running wheels, and so on. As a result, vast expanses are provided with food and electricity, and your empire prospers. The game was initially designed for Windows and Xbox. But what about Mac OS? Despite there are no Mac versions, many Macintosh users says that, it is possible to run Craftopia on Mac OS (including MacOS Catalina, or on newer versions). In the article below, we will try to show how to run Craftopia on Mac.

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