is it possible to download music from apple music in aiff?

How to download music from Apple Music in AIFF

Apple Music, previously known as iTunes, is a popular streaming platform. Despite the name, it allows its users to stream both audio and video files. It is not limited to streaming either; the users may choose to download purchased music to their devices to listen offline. That sounds great – and it is – but there’s one limitation. By default, when you download music from Apple Music, you get a 256kbit AAC file. By using AAC file format to store music, Apple Music achieves good (but not perfect) audio quality while keeping it lightweight enough to be suitable for streaming. However, file size doesn’t matter as much when you store music on your computer. And so, some users would prefer to download music in a lossless format such as AIFF. But is such a thing possible? Keep reading to find out.

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