how to run ea app on mac

How to run EA App on Mac

EA App is the official storefront and launcher for all games developed by Electronic Arts. Previously, this job was performed by Origin, which, too, was a store for EA games. However, Origin for Windows is now deprecated, and its users are asked to upgrade to EA App. As Origin and EA App share the library of games and all user data, no one will have to create a new account. Nor will anyone lose the purchases they’ve already made. EA App is simply an upgrade over Origin, a new version of the store if you will. It features a new streamlined user interface and various other improvements. Origin users on Mac, however, will not be prompted to upgrade to EA App, because it is not officially available on the platform. As all purchases are shared between the two apps, upgrading is not necessary, either. But what if you wanted to run EA App on Mac? We are happy to inform you that this is possible; read the guide below to learn how to do it.

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