play elex 2 on mac

How to play ELEX II on Mac

ELEX II by Pirahna Bytes is an open-world roleplaying game. Much like the first game, it is set in the world of Malagan – a complex, well-written Science Fantasy setting that aims to stay true to old-school RPGs such as Gothic or Risen (also made by this developer). This expansive world is home to many nuanced factions, atmospheric locations, and an interconnected web of quests. The game’s focus on exploration-based gameplay means that you will always have somewhere to go and something to discover while playing – the world is massive, and it will take hundreds of hours to see all there is to see. And if this fills you with dread as you imagine hours of pointlessly walking through locations you’ve already seen, worry not. ELEX II lets the players fly using a jetpack – a fun and immersive way to fast travel. But freedoms that ELEX II offers to the players do not end with the freedom of movement. Key NPCs can be killed, and rather than telling you that “the thread of prophecy is severed”, the game will react to the death in a realistic manner. Characters react to your actions, changing their ways and sometimes even their faction allegiance. Simply put, the game lets you make choices and live with their consequences.
ELEX II improved upon its predecessor in many ways – the combat system is better, the animations are more fluid, the interface – more streamlined. But it still lacks one feature some people consider crucial. Even though the game is available on PC, Playstation 4 & 5, and Xbox One & Series X/S, it still lacks a Mac version. Those seeking to play ELEX II on Mac will have to resort to unofficial methods – read below for a compilation of these.

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