how to play ember knights on mac

How to play Ember Knights on Mac

Ember Knights is an action-focused roguelite game developed by Doom Turtle and published by Twin Sails Interactive. It was designed to be played by teams of four players, but smaller teams and solo players can enjoy it as well. Your goal is to defeat an evil sorcerer named Praxis, who has been siphoning life energy from entire dimensions, leaving them hollow and lifeless. You will have to follow Praxis across four Prime Worlds, defeating his minions in hack-n-slash combat. Though they likely will not present much of a challenge, Elites, Champions, and Bosses will; you will have to adjust your playstyle to counter them. But don’t worry. Even though you’ll likely die a lot, eventually you’ll be able to handle everything Ember Knights has in stock, and will put an end to Praxis’ reign once and for all. Until your next playthrough, anyway. This game is officially available on Windows PC and Nintendo Switch; however, there’s also a way to play Ember Knights on Mac. There are several ways to accomplish this, and you can learn more about them by reading the guide below.

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