how to play final fantasy xiii on mac

How to play Final Fantasy XIII on Mac

Final Fantasy XIII is a third-person JRPG developed by Square Enix. It is the thirteenth game in the Final Fantasy franchise, not counting spinoffs. Somewhat confusingly, it is also the first game in the Final Fantasy XIII series. The game was popular enough to warrant two direct sequels; however, mainline FF games are never connected to each other when it comes to the story. So XIII and its two spinoffs are grouped together as its own mini-series.
The story is set in the world called Gran Pulse, on a floating sphere called Cocoon. The relations between Pulse itself and Cocoon are actively hostile; the citizens of Cocoon live in fear. In the midst of it all, our protagonist Claire “Lightning” Farron embarks on a quest to save her sister, who has been dragged into this conflict.
The gameplay is generally similar to other Final Fantasy games, though it did not stay exactly the same. In XIII, only one character can be commanded by the player during battle; the rest of the party are controlled by an AI. To make sure these NPCs are fighting efficiently, they can be assigned combat roles.
Final Fantasy XIII originally released on Xbox 360 and PS3; since then, a Windows version has been released as well. It is still possible to play Final Fantasy XIII on Mac, but you will need to follow the guide below.

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