best iso burners for mac

Best ISO burner for Mac

ISO files are disk image files, which means they represent the contents of an entire storage device, like a CD disk or a USB drive. You can think of them as a “virtual disks”; indeed, this is how MacOS treats them. If you’ve ever worked with ISO images in the past, you’ll know that when you try to open them, MacOS mounts these files the same way it mounts physical storage devices. This means that, if you want to put an ISO file on a disk, you cannot copy it directly. This would simply result in your disk containing another, virtual, disk. And the results, unfortunately, will not be usable. To store the contents of your ISO on a disk properly, you need to “burn” them onto the disk. This is just a technical term, of course; no actual combustion is involved. A program that performs this operation is called an ISO burner, and there are many to choose from. So, we’ve prepared a list of best ISO burner programs on Mac, to let you know which one you should use.

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