how to play garten of banban on mac

How to play Garten of Banban on Mac

Garten of Banban is a horror game developed and published by Euphoric Brothers. In this game, you will explore an abandoned kindergarten, though it doesn’t really look this way. The lights are still on, toys are scattered on the floor, there’s fresh food in the kitchen… it looks entirely normal, except there is no one around. What’s happened there? Has everyone just vanished? This is what you need to discover. Explore the facility with the help of a remote-controlled drone, solve puzzles, and unlock new areas. Make sure to watch your steps, too; your presence will not go unnoticed. Though this game doesn’t have an official Mac version, it is possible to play Garten of Banban on Mac nonetheless. There are several ways to accomplish this; you will need to use certain third-party services or software. To review the options you have available, read the guide below.

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