play grid legends on mac

How to play GRID Legends on Mac

GRID Legends, the fifth and most recent installment in the Grid racing game series, is scheduled to release on February 25th this year. The game is said to feature over 130 racing tracks, some of which will feature iconic, culturally important cities such as London, Moscow, and Paris – though I doubt GRID Legends will give the players many opportunities for sightseeing. After all, this is a racing game, and thrilling, action-packed, adrenaline-inducing gameplay that these games are known for, and GRID Legends will no doubt feature, does not leave any time for peaceful admiration of the scenery. For players who want more than just constant action, the game will feature an expansive story mode as well. “Driven to Glory,” as the story mode is called, is said to revolve around Valentin Manzi and his meteoric, yet drama-filled rise from a child in a poor immigrant family, to an elite, worldwide-renowned driver. And although hardly anyone plays racing games for the story, there is no doubt that its inclusion will enhance the game… a cherry on top of what already looks like a very promising game, if you will. The game’s Race Creator modewill allow the players to… create their own races, yep. Who would’ve thought. The mode is said to allow for a very high degree of customization, which will obviously boost its replayability. But there is one thing that this game lacks, and that is Mac support. It is scheduled to release on Windows, PlayStation 5, and on XBox Series X & S, as well as on previous-generation consoles PlayStaton 4 and XBox One, yet there are no plans to release it on Mac. The game may be receive a Mac port sometime in the future, but it’d be rather sad to have to wait who-knows-how-long and miss out on all the hype… and of course it may never release on Mac at all. But not all is lost – there are options that will allow you to play GRID Legends on Mac right on launch.

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