how to play hard west 2 on mac

How to play Hard West 2 on Mac

Hard West 2, developed by Ice Code Games is a combination between a Western and a fantasy game; a mix somewhat reminiscent of Weird West. Our protagonist, a renowned criminal named Gin Carter, overheard a legend about a Ghost Train, allegedly filled to the brim with gold. Eyes glistening with greed, he decided to rob it; alas, messing with supernatural forces did not end well for him, as he lost his very soul. Filled with desperation to recover it, he dives head-first into dangers he would have never considered facing before. Mechanically, Hard West 2 is a tactical, turn-based RPG. Out of combat, you will gain experience and recruit followers, obtain equipment for yourself and the party, and distribute skill points. In combat, you will have to pay attention to the environment, carefully position all members of your group, and manage action points. Although this game is a Windows exclusive, it is also possible to play Hard West 2 on Mac. There are several unofficial ways to accomplish this; the guide below will explain them.

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