play hardspace: shipbreaker on mac

How to play Hardspace: Shipbreaker on Mac

Hardspace: Shipbreaker is a game developed by Blackbird Interactive. The premise of the game is relatively simple – the main character is heavily in debt. To repay this near-astronomical amount of money, our protagonist takes on a dangerous, but highly lucrative job, dismantling derelict starships in outer space. Figuring out the correct salvaging strategy is not easy, as the ships contain many dangerous elements such as fuel tanks and numerous electrical components. Accidental explosions, decompression, and other similar complications can seriously complicate your work and turn many expensive ship components into useless junk. This severely impacts your profits – not something you can afford when you’re in massive debt. Do your job poorly, and it will grow due to interest rates. Do your job well, and it will be paid off in no time. To accomplish this, you’re given various different tools – safety gear, a laser cutter, demolition charges, sensors, and more.
The story of the game is not its strong point, and has been criticized for its simplicity and political bias. Thankfully, it can be ignored, as the game has a freeplay mode that disables campaign entirely. Another game mode is “timed challenges”, in which, as the name suggests, the player only has a limited amount of time.
Though certainly enjoyable, Hardspace: Shipbreaker suffers from a certain flaw, its limited availablity. It can be played only on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows. There are some unofficial ways to play Hardspace: Shipbreaker on Mac, however. Read the article below to learn more about them.

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