how to play hob on mac

How to play Hob on Mac

Hob is an adventure game developed by Runic Games, the studio responsible for Torchlight game series. In this title, the players will have to explore a desolate, overgrown world and delve into its many ruins. Why do you have to do this? Though this is a reasonable question, you will have to figure that out for yourself. The game’s unique style of narrative features precisely zero spoken words. As nothing will be explained to you, you’ll have to rely on your observational skills – your only hope of understanding the story are the clues hidden in the game’s environments. But although the game’s story is not very accessible, the rest of the game certainly is. The gameplay of Hob is heavy on exploration, puzzles, and platforming sections, with an occasional combat encounter in-between. None of them are particularly difficult, however, as the game tries to be relaxing rather than challenging. Hob originally released in 2017 on PS4 and Windows PC platforms, and received a Nintendo Switch port in 2019. But it’s also possible to play Hob on Mac, even though it doesn’t have an official MacOS port. The article below contains detailed instructions that explain how to do it.

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