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How to play HoloCure on Mac

HoloCure is a roguelite survival game inspired by Vampire Survivors. Developed by KayAnimate, this VTuber fangame is entirely free, with no monetization whatsoever. It features 38 VTuber characters; all of them have their own unique weapon and three unique skills. As a result, the characters are very distinct from one another. Furthermore, a massive amount of generic items and weapons can be obtained during gameplay, allowing for an impressive variety of builds. Though the game starts off easy, the difficulty quickly ramps up. Additionally, there are several ways to make the game even harder. There’s an item that can make enemies tougher and more numerous. Hard mode activates environmental hazards you’ll have to avoid, while hardcore mode leaves you with only 1 HP. All of these optional challenges ensure that even the most hardcore fan of the genre will find this game fun and engaging, while not making it too difficult for less experienced players. For the time being, HoloCure is available on Windows only; the developers do not plan to add Mac or Linux support anytime soon. But there are several third-party tools which can be used to play HoloCure on Mac. Keep reading to learn more.

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