how to play honkai star rail on mac

How to play Honkai: Star Rail on Mac

Honkai: Star Rail is a free-to-play roleplaying game developed by miHoYo Limited, the studio responsible for Genshin Impact, an extremely popular title. As Star Rail is, in many ways, even better than Genshin Impact, it is certainly worth playing. You will play as the crew of Astral Express – a unique train capable of spacefaring – as they travel from one planet to another. The purpose of their journey is not leisure, however. They are on a mission to locate and neutralize Stellarons – mysterious artifacts that are capable of causing immense destruction. To give an example, the very first planet they travel to, Jarilo-VI, has been suffering from an eternal winter lasting centuries. Unlike Genshin Impact, Star Rail utilizes turn-based combat. All characters take turns in order determined by their speed stat; on their turn, they may choose to attack or use a skill. Though each character has access to only one skill, the game is still pretty complex, as there’s also Techniques, Ultimates, Relics, elemental damage, and other gameplay mechanics to consider. The combat is not the only thing to do in the game, either; you will spend plenty of time exploring the game world for treasure chests and other interactable objects. Officially, you can play Honkai: Star Rail only on Windows PC, Android, and iOS. But it’s also possible to play Honkai: Star Rail on Mac. Read the article below for the list of unofficial methods that can be used to achieve this objective.

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