how to play inside the backrooms on mac

How to play Inside the Backrooms on Mac

Inside the Backrooms is a multiplayer horror game developed by MrFatcat. It is one of several games inspired by the Backrooms, a piece of internet folklore that describes an endless, seemingly empty office space that can be accessed by phasing through reality in certain areas. But even though this maze of office rooms is devoid of any activity, strange noises can, sometimes, be heard. Clearly, something lurks down there.
Inside the Backrooms invites its players to explore this unnerving place. Team up with your friends and try to escape from this office nightmare. This will not be an easy task. Navigating these nearly identical rooms is difficult enough; but you will also have to scavenge for scarce supplies, solve mysterious puzzles scattered around, and avoid the Backrooms’ hostile inhabitants. There are six different enemies in the game, and learning their behaviors is essential for survival.
Inside the Backrooms is available only on Microsoft Windows. Though support for other platforms may be added in the future, it is unlikely to happen soon, as the dev team is busy improving the game’s VR support. But it is nonetheless possible to play Inside the Backrooms on Mac. The guide below will explain how to do it.

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