how to play afterimage on mac

How to play Afterimage on Mac

Afterimage is an action-adventure game developed by Aurogon Shanghai, a game studio based in China. The world of Engardin may be beautiful, but humans do not have it easy there; having lost a major war, their empire no longer exists, and the survivors live in small settlements. Recently, even these shanty villages have come under attack; some have been completely wiped out. Renee is a young girl from one such place; with no recollection of her past, she sets out to rediscover these lost memories. To succeed in this task, she – and you – will have to engage in fast-paced combat, slaying thousands of regular enemies and dozens of bosses. There are many fighting styles available; you may obtain hundreds of equipment pieces with different stats, and further customize your character by selecting her skills. The game world is similarly open and non-linear. Although there is a main story to follow, you may very well choose to complete side quests, explore the world for secrets, or get to know some NPC. Afterimage can be played on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC. But you can also play Afterimage on Mac; though such action is not supported officially, it is very much possible. To learn more, read the guide below.

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