how to play amid evil on mac

How to play Amid Evil on Mac

Amid Evil is a old-school FPS developed by Indefatigable. Unlike many games of this genre, this one is not averse to modern technology. It runs on Unreal Engine 4; this allows Amid Evil to support advanced graphical features such as raytracing. All 3D models are still distinctively retro, though, with generally simple textures and low polygon count.
Set in a fantasy universe, Amid Evil provides its players with swords and occult weapons instead of regular guns. Collecting the souls of the fallen enemies and feeding them to these weapons provides a temporary boost in damage and other characteristics. These mystic tools will be necessary for the player to advance through all seven of the game’s episodes, each made in a different style and featuring different weapons.
You see, this is not a game that pulls its punches. Not only will the player encounter incessant hordes of enemies, their AI is capable enough that it can adjust to the player’s actions, always keeping them on their toes. Still, the game features difficulty options, so these who find it too hard – or too easy – will be able to adjust their experience.
Amid Evil is a Windows-exclusive game for the time being, though a Switch version is also in the works. But you can also play Amid Evil on Mac, albeit unofficially. The guide below will explain how.

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