how to play battle night on pc or mac

How to play Battle Night on PC or Mac

Battle Night is a cyberpunk RPG developed for smartphones by FT Games. Set in 2098, the game paints quite a bleak picture of the future; most powerful countries are in a state of a perpetual cold war with one another. As a resident of an independent city-state, you were able to escape this reality for a while. But small states get dragged into larger ones’ conflict, and eventually, your city has suffered a state far worse than that. Nowadays, violent clashes between various interest groups happen on a daily occasion, with shootouts becoming the norm in the city. Yet, the destruction has been largely contained; many residents are still able to live their normal daily lives under the flickering neon lights. Who knows how long this remnant of peace might last…
As a private detective, you chose to do more than simply hope for the best. Assembling a team of fighters and investigators, you set out to uncover the schemes that destabilize the city and give the wrongdoers your own brand of justice.
Although it was released only on iOS and Android, you can play Battle Night on PC too, as well as on Mac. Read the guide below for more information.

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