how to play battlebit remastered on mac

How to play BattleBit Remastered on Mac

BattleBit Remastered is a multiplayer shooter game focused on large battles; it was developed and published by SgtOkiDoki. Though BattleBit is not quite an MMO, its servers can support up to 254 simultaneous players; this results in a fairly intense and action-packed gameplay. With so many people playing at once, you can be sure that there will never be a dull moment. But it can be confusing as well, so make sure to coordinate with others. There are five different classes in the game, Assault, Medic, Engineer, Support, and Recon. They are designed to complement each other, so consider joining a team to be more effective. You can also control vehicles such as tanks and helicopters. These, too, perform better when supported by infantry. Many nations around the world struggle with combined arms warfare – but perhaps you and your mates can figure it out. Unfortunately, this game is a Windows exclusive; despite this, it is possible to play BattleBit Remastered on Mac, by using an unofficial tool. The guide below will teach you about them.

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