how to play beneath oresa on mac

How to play Beneath Oresa on Mac

Beneath Oresa is a deck-building roguelike game developed by Broken Spear Incorporated. Though the genre is fairly saturated with games, Beneath Oresa has several unique mechanics that help the game stand out. Most importantly, this is a tactical game, not a pure card battler. Fights take place on a map, and positioning is important. Stacking “shield” buff is not the only way to protect yourself from attacks; you can simply move out of the way. Of course, you still need to utilize cards to do most things; this is a deck-builder, after all. Beneath Oresa also has a choice-based upgrade system; every card has two upgrade options instead of just one. It makes cards more flexible, but it also makes upgrades more interesting; you’ll have to consider which version of the card will work better with your deck. All things considered, if you’re into deck-building games, Beneath Oresa might be worth checking out. Unfortunately, it’s a Windows-only game; the developers chose not to support Mac computers. However, you may be able to play Beneath Oresa on Mac anyway. Read the guide below to learn about your options.

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