how to play brick rigs on mac

How to play Brick Rigs on Mac

Brick Rigs is a physics-based sandbox game focused on vehicles. It was developed and published by Fluppisoft, a creator from Germany. The first part of the game is about building a vehicle. Thanks to a complex editor and thousands of available parts, you can make anything, from a racing car, to a helicopter, and even a tank. Recreate a real-life vehicle or come up with your own design; the possibilities are endless. And if this does not sound fun to you, you can skip the process and download other people’s designs from Steam Workshop. Once you have a working vehicle design – no matter how you got it – you can drive it around, see how it performs, or destroy it via collision. Though the Brick Rigs is a pure sandbox and has no end goal, you can make your own, or compete with your friends in multiplayer. Like many other games, Brick Rigs is available only on Windows. It does not support Mac computers or any consoles. However, there are several workarounds that can be used to play Brick Rigs on Mac.

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