how to play dcs world on mac

How to play DCS World on Mac

DCS World, also known as Digital Combat Simulator World, is a game developed by Eagle Dynamics SA. True to its name, it is a extremely detailed simulator of piloting various military vehicles: aircraft, tanks, ground vehicles, and even ships. Unlike many flight simulators, however, DCS World can be played as an actual game. This is achieved through its “missions” feature. An AI system capable of controlling all kinds of military equipment – air defense systems, trains, ships, aircraft, and more – allows users to create exceptionally detailed campaigns.
It is worth noting that the base game is entirely free to download. You will be limited to two official maps, Caucasus and Mariana Islands, and two aircraft, Soviet Su-25T and American TF-51D. You can then purchase more official content such as vehicles (mainly planes), campaigns, and maps. Campaigns are generally cheap, while maps and planes often cost more than your average AAA game. Considering how detailed the simulations are, however, the price tag is understandable, if not pleasant. Thankfully, it is also possible to download user-made content, which is entirely free.
Although it is an exclusively Windows game, you can play DCS World on Mac too using some third-party tools. The guide below will explain your options.

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