how to play deceit on mac

How to play Deceit on Mac

Deceit is a free-to-play social game developed by World Makers. In this game for six players, four take on the role of “innocents”, while two play as “the infected”. To win the game, innocents must complete three maps full of challenges, performing certain tasks and collecting items. The infected, meanwhile, must kill the innocents before that happens. Sabotaging the tasks is one way to do it, but there’s another, more direct one. At the end of each map, electricity will briefly shut down; during this time, the infected may transform into monsters who are much stronger than the innocents, and can hunt them down with impunity. Of course, there’s a challenge in doing so inconspicuously; once this blackout period ends, the infected will be forced to transform back. If the group learns who they are, they could be easily executed. This is how Deceit combines first-person shooter gameplay with complex social deduction elements. Though this game is not officially available on Mac, there are several workarounds. Read our guide to learn how to play Deceit on Mac.

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