how to play dorfromantik on mac

How to play Dorfromantik on Mac

Dorfromantik is a slow-paced, relaxing puzzle game from a German company named Toukana Interactive. Although it is technically a city builder, you will not find any resource management here. There’s no economy, no industry, no power production, no zoning, no housing to worry about… in Dorfromantik’s case, “city-builder” is not the genre, it’s the aesthetic. The gameplay loop is quite simple. You are given a stack of hexagonal tiles that contain things like fields, buildings, or forests. You place these tiles on the game’s board, which increases your score. Placing the tiles in logical clusters will net you extra points. For example, one large field is worth more than many small ones. The amount of tiles you can place is limited; once you’re out of tiles, the game ends. During the course of the game, you will have opportunities to get more tiles by building clusters with specific requirements, thus extending your playthrough. This is invaluable if you care about your score. Officially, Dorfromantik can be played on Windows and the Nintendo Switch. To play Dorfromantik on Mac, you must utilize some unofficial, third-party tool; the guide below will tell you about some of these.

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