how to play dredge on mac

How to play DREDGE on Mac

DREDGE is a fishing game developed by Black Salt Games. In an unusual twist, the game features a dark story, not something you’d normally expect from a fishing simulator. As a captain of a fishing vessel, you will travel to a variety of remote islands, all with different aesthetics, inhabitants, and, of course, fish. Sell your catch and complete quests to earn money, which can be used to upgrade your boat. This will allow you to catch deep-water fish, travel further away from the land, and maybe even survive the night. “What is so dangerous about the night?”, you might ask. But some questions are better left unanswered. Make sure to always end your trip before the sun sets, and you will have nothing to fear. Madness, and only madness, awaits those who try to uncover the secrets of this sinister archipelago. DREDGE can be played on PS4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and, obviously, Windows PC. As you can see, Apple computers are not supported. Despite this, it is possible to play DREDGE on Mac; you simply need to use an unofficial solution. Read our guide and learn all about these.

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