how to play dyson sphere program on mac

How to play Dyson Sphere Program on Mac

Dyson Sphere Program is an automation-focused sandbox game developed by Youthcat Studio. The game is named after a megastructure known as the dyson sphere, an shell of solar panels that completely envelops a star to harvest massive amounts of energy. In our world, constructing such structures is not currently possible, but in Dyson Sphere Program, you will be able to build many of them. As humanity advances, its energy needs grow. This trend held true in the past, and it still holds true in the far future. You are an engineer in charge of the Dyson Sphere Program, a project designed to sate humanity’s ever-growing electricity need. You will be given a whole sector of space to explore and exploit. You will set up automated factories that span entire planets, and logistics networks necessary to allow these factories to supply one another. And eventually, with your industrial might, you will be able to construct dyson spheres. One. Then another. And another after another after another. Currently, the game officially supports only Windows operating system. To play Dyson Sphere Program on Mac, a third-party solution is required. Read about them in the guide below.

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