how to play escape the backrooms on mac

How to play Escape the Backrooms on Mac

Escape the Backrooms is a horror game developed and published by Fancy Games. It shouldn’t be confused with Inside the Backrooms; even though they share the same setting and have a similar premise, these are two different games. As the name suggests, you will be exploring the Backrooms, a strange dimension that looks like an empty office. This can be done either alone or as a team of up to four players. Currently, Escape the Backrooms features 20 hand-crafted levels, 12 monsters which must be avoided in different ways, and several unique mechanics. For example, you or your teammates may randomly pass through walls or fall through the floor, ending up somewhere else entirely. The unfortunate survivor will then have to find their way back to where they were. This is especially difficult in multiplayer, since voice chat is proximity-based. Overall, Escape the Backrooms is fun, scary, and immersive. It offers great value for the price, so why not check it out? Sure, it doesn’t have a Mac version, but there are ways around that. Read our guide to learn how to play Escape the Backrooms on Mac.

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