how to play eternal return on mac

How to play Eternal Return on Mac

Eternal Return is an anime-styled multiplayer game. Gameplay-wise, it combines Battle Royale and MOBA, two extremely popular genres. It was developed by Nimble Neuron and published by Kakao Games Europe. The game manages to address one important issue plaguing the MOBA genre – its disregard of individual players. In MOBAs, teamwork is so essential that any given person cannot amount to much on their own. A weak player in a strong team may find victories unsatisfying, since they didn’t contribute anything. And a strong player in a weak team will be constantly frustrated, as the team will lose despite the player’s best efforts. This isn’t fun. In Eternal Return, things are different. The Battle Royale mechanics ensure that your decisions will feel impactful, since your goal is not to win as a team – it’s to be the last man standing. Additionally, its slower gameplay alleviates the pressure to come up with a plan immediately; as a result, the players can make more complex and strategic decisions. Finally, Eternal Return features 1v1 and 2v2 matches, which put even more emphasis on each player’s individual performance. Although the game is officially available only on Windows PC, PS4, and Xbox One, there’s also a way to play Eternal Return on Mac. The article below will teach you more.

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