how to play everhood on mac

How to play Everhood on Mac

Everhood is an action-adventure game developed by Jordi Roca and Chris Nordgren. Set in a strange and nonsensical universe, this game follows an animated red doll trying to recover their stolen arm. This unusual premise is accompanied by an unusual combat system; each fight is a rhythm game section. To defeat your enemies, you must either dodge their music notes until the song ends, or go on the offensive by reflecting their attacks at them. Although this game is not very long – it takes around six hours to complete – its story will take several unexpected turns in the meantime. For one, you will manage to retrieve your arm at one point, but the game will not end there. Why? What strange plot are you going to be dragged into? That’s for you to find out. Officially, this game is available only on Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch. But you can also play Everhood on Mac – as long as you’re willing to use unofficial solutions. Read the article below to learn more about them.

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