play f1 2021 on mac

How to play F1 2021 on Mac

Formula 1 is the world’s most-renowned, most-popular, highest-profile-possible racing championship. Indeed, it is so well-known that there’s no need to introduce it to anyone, ever – no matter how little someone knows about racing, it is all but guaranteed that they’ve heard of Formula 1. It only stands to reason for such a prominent competition to have its own game series, and what a series that is. It features twenty games in total, spanning from F1 2000 all the way to the most recent installment, F1 2021 (yeah, they don’t have the most creative names). It is this game, F1 2021, that we’d like to talk about today. The game has quite a few features that put it above its predecessors, the biggest of which is the ability to play the game’s Career Mode together with a friend. For those racing fans that were saddened that some of the F1 2021 Championship’s rounds were canceled due to COVID-19, the game presents a consolation – four out of five canceled circuits are available to play. The game’s story mode, Braking Point, spans across three whole years, should also not go unmentioned. Yet in one way F1 2021 is much worse than some of the games that came before it. F1 2012, F1 2016, and F1 2017 all have Mac support, but F1 2021 doesn’t. But what if you’re not content with playing these older games and want to try out the newest? Well, there are options.

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