how to play farlight 84 on mac

How to play Farlight 84 on Mac

Farlight 84 is a multiplayer PvP game developed and published by Farlight Games. In this fast-paced shooter, mobility is the key. Having a pair of feet just isn’t good enough, so you will have to utilize vehicles to be competitive. You can drive a car, ride a mech, and, most importantly, ride a jetpack. The last one is especially important; the jetpack allows you to rapidly dash in any direction, which is essential for tactical repositioning. Of course, vehicles aren’t the only feature of this game. It has many playable characters as well; all of them are categorized as either Assault, Defense, Scout, or Support. Most challenges in this game are designed for a squad of four, with one character of each class. So you can be sure that you will not be sidelined no matter which class you pick; everyone has an important role to play. Farlight 84 was initially a mobile game for Android and iOS smartphones. However, recently it received a Windows version – but a Mac port is unlikely. Despite this, you can play Farlight 84 on Mac, right now, even though there’s no official port available. The guide below will explain how to do it.

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