how to play fears to fathom on mac

How to play Fears to Fathom on Mac

Fears to Fathom is a series of horror games developed and published by Rayll Studios. Each game features its own story, and can be played independently from each other; however, they all share the same unsettling atmosphere, intentionally simple graphics, and focus on psychological horror. At the time of writing, four Fear to Fathom games have been released: Home Alone, Norwood Hitchhike, Carsoon House, and Ironbark Lookout. All four have been praised for their storytelling, tension, and absence of cheap jumpscares. Each game is presented as a story told by a survivor of a scary accident; each time, the tagline is “they survived because they made the right choices”. Of course, you will not be told what these choices were. Can you make them on your own? Playing the games is the only way to find out. None of them have a Mac version, however, there are several ways to play Windows games on Mac. As such, you can play Fears to Fathom games on Mac despite the lack of official support. Read the article below to explore your options.

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